Noel B. Weber’s new book is called A Sign Painter’s Sketchbook. It includes over 150 inspiring pages of original sketches collected from Noel’s 45 year career. A Sign Painter’s Sketchbook starts with a 10 page interview on Noel’s career with color photos and it comes with a 27-inch fold-out poster tucked in the back cover.

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“This book of beautifully rendered art will be a wealthy source of knowledge for years to come.”
David Adrian Smith, Traditional Ornamental Glass Artist (Torquay, UK)

“A Sign Painter’s Sketchbook is a gem of lettering, typography, graphic design, and sign painting… masterful work.”
Steven Heller, Art Director, Editor & Author 

An amazing body of work that has inspired artists around the world from all walks of life.” – Will Lynes @lynesandco

“An incredible asset and gift to the craft. I’m very grateful for it.” – Ken Davis @coolhandken

“Frank Atkinson “wrote the book” on sign painting in 1914. To me, Noel’s beautiful new book of pencil sketches is the new Atkinson. Go out and get it!  – Ash Bishop @brilliantsigns

“In your hands, reader, you hold an intimate and personal gift, one usually reserved for a small audience: the development drawings which reveal the artist’s own process of creation.” – Mark Oatis, An Original Letterhead, Creative Director of YESCO

This is an awe-inspiring collection. I recommend it to anyone interested in hand lettering, sign painting or graphic design. Inspiration for years! – Jakob Engberg @copenhagensigns

“Noel appears so faithful to the period of his choosing, but his designs are always original. The details are always inventive and the execution is flawless.”  – Carl Rohrs, Calligrapher and Lettering Artist

Noel B. Weber is well-known in the sign industry for his outstanding reverse-glass gold leaf gilding work. He also designs custom dimensional signage at Classic Design Studio, the Weber family sign shop in Boise, Idaho. Noel is a co-founder of the Letterheads group and – most recently – the author of A Sign Painter's Sketchbook.
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