Dragon Fly Sketch

Concept sketch for a restored 1930s Chris-Craft transom. Each year I have the pleasure of designing and gilding these vintage powerboats near Payette Lake. My work is done in cooperation with the restoration pros at McCall Boat Works.

Portches Sketch

Logo drawing for an Idaho jeweler. In 2014 we translated this design into an eight foot dimensional sign above their store in downtown Boise.

Klondike Sketch

Sketch for a twenty foot mural in Indiana – part of the 2014 Shipshewana Walldogs event.

Artist Fonts Monogram Sketch

Monogram sketch for the Artist Fonts website. Also check out my design of their website header, with custom lettering.

Hyde Park Panel Sketches

Sketches for glass gilded window panels at an antique store in Boise. We also gilded their front door.

Alliance and Wilson Harris

Sketches for a pair of gilded reverse glass gilded windows framed in the professional offices of these companies in Boise, Idaho. Click to view Alliance Insurance or Wilson Harris.

Chris Craft Sketches

Names of restored Chris Craft powerboats, gilded on their transoms. The finished artwork on Fin & Tonic was awarded Best Transom Art at the 2016 South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic.

In Bloom Sketch

Sketch for a mural above the fresh flowers display at the Whole Foods in Boise, Idaho. One of nine large pieces we painted for their new store in 2012.

Yosemite Sketch

Design for a glass gilding workshop panel originally produced for a class at the 2014 Sonora, CA Letterhead Meet. The bottom section on the finished piece has a famous John Muir quote.


For Lucy Weber, Greg Heiger, Jay Allen.

Timeless Art Workshop Sketch

Artwork for glass gilding workshop. [2016]

These drawings are produced at my home studio in Boise, Idaho. I work standing up at a drafting light table with a No. 2 pencil, a piece of paper and a sliding straightedge.

Starting with a rough sketch I’ll refine the drawing with multiple overlays. Most of the work seen here is in its second, third or fourth iteration.

I am in the process of assembling a collection of sketches to with and hoping to publish them sometime in the near future. Please sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of this page, or follow my instagram for updates.