Classic Design Studio blade sign, produced in 2013

Concept sketch of the current Classic Design Studio blade sign with custom lettering.  [2012]

Classic Design Studio blade sign, produced in 2013

Double-sided blade sign designed by Noel Weber. Steel armature — Aluminum background plate with milled crosshatch pattern — Rolled aluminum blue band — Pin-mounted ½” aluminum letters — Internal LED lighting — Side view shows stacked aluminum and acrylic layers.  [2012]

Most of the dimensional signs on this page are based on my original designs. Many people contributed to the production process. By the 1990s Classic was able to hire outstanding craftsmen whose names include Kevin Mills, John McMann and eventually my son, Noel Junior. Working with such talent has taught me to design the thing… then stay out of the way as much as possible. Near the end I come back in to focus on painting, gilding and installation.
It takes a fair amount of equipment to turn aluminum, steel, acrylic, foam, porcelain enamel, paint and gold leaf into beautiful dimensional signage. Classic was one of the first sign shops in the country to beta test a Gerber CNC (a computer controlled 3-axis router) which we still use today. Other essential in-house tools include our porcelain-enamel kiln, TIG welder, screen-printing facilities and spray booth.
Hyde and Seek Dimensional Sign

Double-sided projecting sign for an antique store in Boise. [2014]

Hyde and Seek Dimensional Sign

Double-sided projecting sign, Horse & cart vignette by Bill Heug, Iron-work by Jim Hand, CNC machined prismatic letters, Additional steel details produced with water jet, plasma cutter and metal lathe. [2014]

Historic Tattoo Society in Portland - Completed Sign

Double-sided projecting sign. CNC milled acrylic and aluminum — Steel armature.  [2010]

Historic Tattoo Society in Portland - Initial Sketch

Concept sketch of Portland’s Historic Tattoo Society projecting sign with custom lettering.  [2010]

Havana House

Double-sided blade sign designed by Noel Weber . “Havana House” custom lettering is hand sculpted and cast in polyurethane resin — Scrolls and “cigars” text CNC milled and hand-detailed — Coper leaves and interior graphic created by Kevin Mills — Painted by John McMann.  [1994]

Le Cafe de Paris

Le Cafe de Paris wall and double-sided rolled-barrel projecting signs. Spray-blended aluminum panel with recessed faux-tile —  ½” acrylic custom lettering with gilded bevel — CNC milling by Steve Melasky.  [2002]

Learn to Draw

Double-sided projecting sign for Disney’s California Adventure park designed by Noel Weber. Spun aluminum brush ferrels and handles — Brush hairs sculpted in clay, then cast from polyurethane resin — Aluminum plate with Matthew’s spray-blend — Screen-printed custom lettering — Iron work by Jim Hand.  [2012]

Hollymont Blade Sign

Double sided projecting sign for Disney’s California Adventure park designed by Noel Weber. Screen-printed porcelain enamel panels — Enameling by John McMann — Iron work by Jim Hand. [2012]

Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly projecting corner sign. Foam letters on a steel armature — Lighting by Rocket Neon.  [2005]

Ming Studios Sign

Ming Studios wall sign. “Ming” text is prismatic CNC milled high-density foam — “Studios” text is ½” pin-mounted acrylic.  [2013]

Concept sketch for Portsche's jewelry in Boise, ID.

Concept sketch of Portsche’s Jewelry Boutique wall sign with custom lettering. [2013]


Portsche’s Jewelry Boutique wall sign designed by Noel Weber. Edge-gilded acrylic letters are spray-blended and pin mounted to an aluminum back plate — Vertical section is CNC milled, machine-rolled aluminum — Bent and welded steel rod details — Ribbon carved by hand from high density foam by John McMann.  [2013]


Double-sided projecting sign designed by Noel Weber. Renboard blocks milled at 5 degree angles and gilded with composition leaf —Text and stars are CNC milled high density foam — Bracket by John Randalls.  [2000]


Concept sketch of Bardnenay double-sided projecting sign. [2000]

Bittercreek & RedFeather

Two double-sided projecting signs designed by Noel Weber. Red-Feather Lounge: Aluminum plate with copper-leaf gild and acid-washed patina – Feather sculpted from high density foam — Interior neon lighting by Rocket Neon — Acrylic text [2000]  BitterCreek Ale House: Foam plate with sand-blasted letters — The man is sculpted in clay and cast in polyurethane resin. Faux-wood finish by John McMann. [1995]

Double sided dimensional sign

Double sided dimensional sign