Ming Studios: A Man of Letters – 35 Year Retrospective – Recap



In February and March of 2015 Ming Studios featured a gallery retrospective of Noel Weber’s sign career. The Boise community had a unique opportunity to see 35 years of lettering, gilding, photos, signs and sketches. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from the show.



Double-sided dimensional hanging signs. “Main Street 1910 Hamburgers” (1979) has gilded hand-carved wooden letters and a smalt background. It was one of the first signs Noel made when he moved to Boise. “Havana House Cigars” (1994) was produced just as the shop started to transition to modern milling technology. It features both hand-carved elements (cast in polyurethane resin) as well as CNC milled details, such as the gilded decorative scrolls. Coper leaves and interior graphic created by Kevin Mills — Painted by John McMann. You can see these signs and many others in Noel’s Dimensional Signs Portfolio.



Various reverse glass gilded pieces ranging from the late 1970s through the 1980s. At this point in his career Noel developed the screen-printing and gilding techniques that continue to compliment his brush work and allow for more detailed designs. Some of these pieces are an extra copy or sample Noel would make when he was hired to produce a sign. “Harvest Moon Cafe” is from a workshop he offered in the 1980s.



Various dimensional signs and architectural details ranging in date from the 1980s through the early 2000s. Includes the original sign that Classic hung above their storefront and a detail of the double-sided blade sign for the Old Boise Guitar Company with sculpted elements by Terry Vinyard.



“Hyde & Seek Glass Panels” (2014) for a storefront in Boise’s Hyde Park neighborhood. These designs and four additional pieces are installed in brackets inside the store windows. The original pencil designs for these panels can be seen in Noel’s Sketch Portfolio.



Pencil sketches from Noel’s career, many which went on to become gilded or dimensional signage. Many more can be seen in Noel’s Sketch Portfolio.



A photo wall of signs that Noel and Classic have produced for businesses in downtown Boise.



Show-card designs (early 1970s) that Noel produced while he was a student at the Institute for Lettering & Design in Chicago. The blank panel below was painted during a demonstration later in the show.



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